January 4, 2011

Spanish Tutor

Some of you might know me as a Spanish tutor and others probably never even had a clue that I taught Spanish on my spare time.  Spanish is my native language and I have always been proud of speaking, writing and reading it.  Being bilingual has opened many door for me since I entered the workforce, but it has also shown me how the United States, in particular, has many people and corporations that do not have "true" Spanish-speaking employees, advisors and collaborators. 

For instance, have you noticed when you walk in to Target, at the customer service section it says, "Servicio al Huesped?"  Huesped means 'guest,' as in, 'hotel guest.'  It is supposed to read: 'Atención al Cliente.'  Well folks, there are much more examples to point out, but even better, there is a solution to this and it is about doing things right the first time.  Unfortunately, many people dont know, nowadays, if something is written or said incorrectly, because it has been becoming so commonly used, in the wrong way.  It is not until you become acquainted to a true native Spanish speaker that you come to find out how bad our American Spanish has gotten.

If anyone has requested my tutoring, translation or interpreter services, feel free to leave a comment or feedback.


Jen said...

Alejandra is a professional Spanish tutor who is quite knowledgeable. She is extremely accommodating in terms of meeting times and locations. She tailors the tutoring session to your needs and comes prepared with helpful materials to help you along. Although I have many university Spanish classes under my belt, my lack of practice for over 3 years has left my Spanish skills under par. Alejandra worked one-on-one with me and dedicated her time to help prepare me for a Spanish language content exam in order to be accepted to a Spanish Education program to teach Spanish for grades k-12. Not only did I pass my exam on the first attempt, I did so with flying colors. Also, I am proud to say that on the written portion of the exam, I achieved a 300/300 on a two pages I had written according to the test question. I am now in a master's program to teach Spanish all because of her help. I highly recommend Alejandra for Spanish tutoring to any and all levels of Spanish language learners.

Anonymous said...

Alejandra is an excellent Spanish tutor, who helped me develop my confidence and skills while reading, writing, and speaking Spanish. She personalized the sessions to ensure I was learning Spanish in contexts that were meaningful to me. She was always very patient with me, even when I forgot things or accidentally spoke in French. She took the time to answer all of my questions. I highly recommend Alejandra for Spanish tutoring.